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Foreword From Our Pioneer

Pioneering Indonesia’s first hot-dip galvanizing factory in 1983 was a significant highlight of my professional journey. Unfortunately, the joint-venture glory did not last long and I had to let go of the partnership due to internal problems.


In 1993, with strong support from my family, friends and business clients, I was able to build my own galvanizing factory and commenced with a great start. Our company was entrusted with a handful of prominent projects contributing to the development of Indonesia’s infrastructure nationwide and placed us as a leading provider of hot-dip galvanizing within the country.

With over 30 years of experience, our company is a seasoned contender in providing an exceptional service with a high quality of coating standard to our customers and I have faith that this practice will stay in the years to come. This business will continue to thrive not only does hot-dip galvanizing provides decades of maintenance-free longevity, but it is also the most economical and sustainable corrosive protection method for the future.

-Leo Lazuardi-

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